Keturah was in one of my Body Transformation Booty Camps several months back.

It sets my boat to floatin’ whenever someone writes to me months later, out of the blue, to tell me of their ongoing success.

Keturah did just that. I asked her if I could share her letter with you, and she enthusiastically replied:

Oh my!! Absolutely! How thrilling of you to include me in your newsletter. I would love to give you and your program some praise!”

Thank you, Keturah!  Here is her letter.


I am writing to tell you I have dropped 10 pounds this past month!

I have been able to do this simply by implementing the tools I had learned from my time in your  Body Transformation Booty Camps.

Here are the very important tools I used:

1)  The first tool is food choices:

I have almost completely cut out dairy—no more bloat! I eat it occasionally, but no longer on a daily basis.

I also include unrefined starches and grains in my meals, and have cut out a lot of the refined grains and fats.

2)  The other tool I used was that of mindset. I realized that:

  1. I really have to want it.
  2. I have to embrace discomfort so I could embrace my goals
  3. I need to have a vision of what I want to look like. I struggled to make dietary changes until I made those changes in my thinking.

Once I changed my thinking – Bam! Everything fell into place, even my tastebuds. (I thought I would miss milk  too much. Not anymore!)

Before, I found it hard to reach my goals because of mindset.

I usually thought that whenever I had to give up something or change something, it meant it was forever. I didn’t have faith my actions and thoughts would bring positive change.

I also found that I was focusing on the negative in the immediate – what I was giving up –instead of objectively and passionately keeping the goal in mind that changes would bring about. I’m not a long-term goal planner or thinker.

But changing my mindset not only impacted my body and weight goals, it has impacted other areas of my life. I finally realized what it takes to start reaching my goals.

More on giving up dairy

I now tell a lot of people to give up dairy. Just try substituting non-dairy milk (almond is my favorite!) for 10 days.

I was surprised at how much better my body felt. When I consumed dairy, I felt “gunked” up and weighed down.

I didn’t realize how much it disturbed my stomach and GI tract. But that disappeared once I discontinued consuming dairy regularly.

I just wanted to pass this along to you.

Once I reach my body composition goal, I plan on pursuing my dream of teaching barre classes.

This is all thanks to you, my dear, darling Lani!

Kind regards,

Keturah, CO

Dear Keturah,

First, thank you so much for coming back, months after your Booty Camp session, to tell me about this wonderful progress in your health, fitness, and happiness about it all.  It means a lot to me that you did that PLUS now you have the wonderful opportunity to inspire so many others by being so gracious as to allow me to make your private note to me public!

I’m also thrilled to see you took to heart – and took  yourself to task with – the all important mindset element.  Mastery of psychology is central to success in this health and fitness endeavor, and you took me seriously with that one!  Yay and more of everything!

Keep me posted regarding your ongoing journey and thank you again for  your note today.

Hugs, love and success!



If you’ve been on the pasture fence about dairy, you might be interested in reading more materials and watching some videos about same right here on the blog.  Click here to see listings:  Dairy-free.

More inspiration regarding the importance of mindset can be found in blog entries in the Motivation and Mindset category.  Click here to read more:  Motivation and Mindset.

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