Heading out on a walk down the hill to the cafe in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Do you ever get frustrated or stuck about how to stay fit while traveling? So that you don’t arrive home flabby, enervated, and with excess poundage?

I understand the anxieties – it can be so frustrating!

And it can leave you wishing you’d never left home in the first place because now it feels like there is so much ground to make up.

One of the upsides of being an entrepreneur with a mobile business is that I get to work in far-flung places;  and more often than not, combine business with pleasure.

I still need to keep my fitness focus, though – and that means getting creative about workouts in exotic locations.

Staying Fit On The Road: Tricks For The Trail!

Take it from someone who has mastered this one.

Not to brag, it’s taken years of trial and error to get this one right.  But now I’ve got it running like a charm.

And “master” doesn’t mean “perfect” – it means simply that I’ve polished the system so that it is easy, portable, and WORKS.

Feliz Fitness – Working Out While In Mexico

Travel to Mexico has other fit benefits:  see 5 Ways Travel To Mexico Keeps You Fit.

But to really stay in my fitness and body shaping best, I need to include targeted body shaping exercises in addition to my usual habit of walking each day.  And the need to take simple solutions on the road with me is what, after all, gave birth to my Fit Quickies.

So let me tell you about this morning’s workout.

Today’s South of the Border Workout

Perfect post-workout pleasure: popping into the hot springs just outside San Miguel

And I hit all the “hot spots”.

That means the areas to be sure to target for best body shaping.  I did get creative – without my trust dumbbells for triceps, the search was on for small resistance I could hold in one hand.

Solution! An iron!  Followed by hefting a large marble egg that I found on a bookshelf here in the house where we are staying.

Oh, and then the iron spring coil I found for biceps. Where there’s a will.

Here’s the sequence I followed:

  1. Warm up: knee lifts, deep plies with tucks, and calf raises:  to warm the large muscle groups, elevate heart rate, and bring FOCUS!
  2. Fit Quickie #1:  7 Seconds to a Flat Belly: engage the abdominal muscles to align the upper body, keep me mindful of position, and complete the warm-up
  3. Fit Quickie #3:  Triceps Triple Play,
  4. Pushups and Reverse pushups
  5. Fit Quickie #2: Inner Thigh Squeeze and Tease: getting the legs ready for workload
  6. Fit Quickie #8:  Thigh Warriors: OK quads, do your stuff!
  7. Fit Quickie #4:  Gorgeous Gluteals and Hamstrings: I can never get enough of “seat” work – and the benefits in body shaping, energy boost and calorie burn are the big payoffs!
  8. Fit Quickie #5: Topless Muffins: an all-time top-of-the-lister for making the lines of the back and flow into the seat smooth out, lift the seat, and shape the side of my seat.
  9. Fit Quickie #7:  Kickstand Curls: no need to “crunch” forever – just target, isolate, overload, and have the latest research on ab exercises at your disposal (I do)
  10. Fit Quickie #8:  Backyard Burners: finish frying the glutes and releasing the back – a FUN fun way to wrap up the workout
  11. Stretches: my signature hamstring stretch and hip stretches

Tricks for travel fitness that you can share?  Please click here and leave your thoughts in COMMENTS below.

© Lani Muelrath, M.A. 2010 All Rights Reserved

Creating the right weight loss and body shaping plan for you isn’t difficult, but it must be at the top of your to-do list. Once you have this mastered, your fitness and energy is going to take off, which I know you’re going to love.

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